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Prepared CarDriving School Calgary

Get identified as a professional car driver with us! We are a popular car driving school, Calgary who believe in the safety of the person behind the steering, even during the training sessions. This very concept has driven us to a new direction towards providing driving lessons. We strive to instill the sense of road safety and security in a learning enthusiast as well as a professional. Delivering commitment through quality, creativity, and innovation is our specialty. That’s what Prepared Driving School calls ‘creating value’.

Features of Car Driving School

Our ‘START’ program begins with identification. The agenda continues with judgment and finally ends with execution. With infinite experience in driving training, we create highly responsible and confident drivers. Be road ready with this motor training institute, your ultimate car driving school in Calgary.

  • Training for Safe Driving
  • Following Rules & Regulations
  • Automatic & Modern Vehicles
  • Basic and Advanced Training
  • Govt. Approved Insurance Discount Classes
  • Experience Instructors (Speaking-English, Punjabi, Hindi, Urdu & Tagalag)
Comfort & Modern Vehicles
Govt. Approved License Training
Safe Driving Practice
Flexible Schedule & Payment Plan


Learning Roads

icon Learn to drive while acquiring knowledge of the road rules with us. Get introduced to all vehicle parts too. Join Prepared Driving School in Calgary now!

Unlimited Car Support

icon Get trained from our professional instructors to improve your skills in vehicle. Be a safe, defensive and confident driver with us !

Any Time Any Location

icon Contact us to know and love your car. Get assistance of our 24x7 available driving instructors from anywhere at any time, contact us now!

We Give Best Offers For You

Lessons from Just $90 per 2 hours or 5 Lessons for $450 or 10 Hours + Classroom = $499+GST

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Why choose us

We are Calgary based premier driving school that is acknowledged for its quality infrastructure and training. Our certified & experienced training instructors have been educating driving enthusiasts for 25 years. All our courses are customized to meet the needs of the learners irrespective of the age groups. The training instructors at our car driving school in Calgary are friendly & cooperative and are committed to providing lessons for people of all ages. Our instructors have ceaseless patience & constant support, competency & commendable driving experience.

The USP of our Car Driving School

  • We bring you decent prices and friendly people and that makes all the difference for you and your experience.
  • You will feel relaxed both in our classrooms and behind the wheel. We make car driving easy and fun.
  • You won’t feel bored or stressed in our classrooms. Because we have engaging lessons and friendly instructors!
  • We take the fear out of winter driving. We can teach you how to drive on icy and slippery roads.
  • We offer hordes of courses and driving lessons in our car driving school, Calgary.

Courses Offered – Driving Test

In most of the cases, choosing the right and budget driving course can make a whole lot of difference. Not all the lessons are going to cater to the needs of individuals. A beginner or a novice has a variety of learning needs than a professional who only needs to clear the test. The courses teach you how to drive in the right way and leave nothing to chance. It is important to take the lesson in Calgary from a certified motor training school. We will teach you how to do things in the right way when you are behind the wheel. Our trainers will help you to avoid falling victim to the typical and dangerous driving habits.

Government Approved Car Driving Courses

We are a government approved driving course service provider and all our courses are government approved. This means we will teach you everything you need in order to pass your road test followed by helping you become a good driver.

What you Learn When you Take Car Driving Courses

We will teach you everything that you need to know. From the basics to more advanced knowledge & skills we make sure you attain the best possible service.

What You Can Learn From Us

  • Defensive driving principles and best practices
  • The laws and rules of the road
  • Driving etiquette
  • Avoiding Poor driving habits
  • How to be a safe and responsible driver
  • Ways of encountering different sessions
  • Winter driving techniques
  • Road test Preparation

Why we are the Best Option for in Calgary

New drivers continue to choose us because we offer the best value and the best courses Calgary.

Class Schedules

Welcome to our Class Schedule page. ( Coming soon….)

In-car lessons will be arranged after the classroom begins and will be arranged according to the student’s availability

How can I find a Quality Car Driving School and What are The Questions to ask for?

Finding a quality training institute is indeed a challenging task. Keep your cool and go for the hunt wisely. Know whether the school has patient and professional instructors. Also, enquire whether the instructor is licensed by the motor vehicle department. Frankly speaking, it is important to know who you send your teenage or seniors with. All these things need to be enquired if you wish to drive defensively.

In a bid to find a quality training institute and the service being offered it is important to askthe following questions:

  • Whether the school provides service to everyone?
  • Is there any Driver education curriculum or any driver’s handbook?
  • Does the school uses a complete curriculum for driver training?
  • Is the training institute insured and licensed?
  • will the school let you use the car for drive test?
  • Is the school a member of the Driving school Association Of California?
  • What is included in the service and what is the price?


How to obtain learner’s permit?

You would be able to gain learner’s permit once you  are done with all sessions of driver education class.

What is the age limit?

You need to be atleast 16 years of age.

How long do I need to hold the possesion of my learner’s permit prior to applying the license?

You need to hold the possesion of  learner’s permit for atleast 6 months from the issuance date.

Does your car have dual control?

Yes, As required, all  vehicles have a dual brake system, letting the instructor to stop the car if needed. We also follow the same.

When I get my learner’s permit, is it legal to begin driving right away?

 No! Once you get your learner’s permit, you can’t drive right away. You have to wait for final license and appear for the test. This test is certainly going to give you the confidence of getting behind the wheel.

Is there anything I can do besides 6 hours behind the wheel training to improve my skill or passing the test?

 Yes! we offer additional training courses for future new drivers of all kinds. We will do everything we can to make sure you get your drivers license and are the safest driver possible.

Does the School offer defensive driving courses?

The institute is proud to bring you two options for defensive driving courses. The drive safer course will provide you with exceptional training about how to safely operate and control your car in the face of real-world dangers.

Once the course gets completed, you will receive a certificate to provide you with exceptional training about how to operate safely and control your car in the face of real world dangers.

Once the course gets completed, you will receive a certification to give your auto insurance company for the potential discount. We also offer a defensive driving course that lets you register for an online defensive driving course.